Riverside Park Online Gallery • Scenes from the park from years past

Due to the COVID pandemic and social distancing mandates, the 2020 Down by the Riverside Festival had to be canceled this year. (We hope to see you all in 2021 for the 10 year anniversary of saving the park!) Along with the rest of our festival activities, plein air painting in Riverside Park fell by the wayside

In lieu of an in-person show, we have invited the artists who've painted in the park in past years to share their art in an online gallery. We hope you enjoy it. If you are interested in learning more or purchasing a painting, please email info@riversideparkconservancy.org or call Ronna at 860-772-8439 and leave a message.

Lisa Giordano "Thames River from Riverside Park"

Lisa Giordano "The Thames River"
Keiko Kaiser "The Green Shed"
Keiko Kaiser "Artist at Work"
Keiko Kaiser "A Path in the Woods"
Keiko Kaiser "Red Bridge"
Keiko Kaiser "View from the Park"
Tyler Lawton "Park Tree"
Ray O'Connell "Park Trees"
Ray O'Connell "Riverside Park Trail"
Ray O'Connell "Jungle Gym"
Valerie Washburn "Red Berries"
Valerie Washburn "Artists Choice"
Rosemary Webber "Come On Along!"
Some of our artists!