2017 "SCENES from RIVERSIDE PARK" Art Gallery

This year's plein air paintings can be viewed in the lobby of the Garde Arts Center, 325 State Street, from October 1 - November 5. Please come see them in person; the photos do not do them justice! You may enter the lobby upon request any time the box office is open; regular hours are Monday-Friday, 10am-5pm.

Click on the thumbnails for more information about each artist and painting, including purchase price. If you are interested in purchasing any painting, contact us at info@riversideparkconservancy.org or call Ronna at 860-772-8439 and leave a message.

Joan Carew 'Coast Guard on Thames'

Jacqueline Carlson 'Forest in the Park'

Jacqueline Carlson 'Backyard'

Jacqueline Carlson 'Walking Paths'

Delia Chumpitazi-Foye 'View from the Tracks'

Delia Chumpitazi-Foye 'Resting under the Wispy Clouds'

Delia Chumpitazi-Foye 'View from the Cove'

Delia Chumpitazi-Foye 'Powder Island'

Jeannette Delmore 'Morning at Riverside'

Jeannette Delmore 'Inspiration – Riverside'

Keiko Kaiser 'Sunny Day at the Park'

Keiko Kaiser 'Artist at Work'

Keiko Kaiser 'Dense Wood'

Ray O'Connell 'Riverside Park Trail'

Ray O'Connell 'Broken Foot Bridge'

Ray O'Connell 'Festival at Riverside Park'

Mark Patnode 'Late Summer, Riverside Park'

Diane Smith 'Emilie's Shade'

Val Washburn 'Majestic Pines'

Val Washburn 'Big Birch'

Some of the artists

For information about purchasing any painting, contact us at info@riversideparkconservancy.org.